Busy Bees and Bicycles.

Well, it has been rather go-go-go lately, a weekend wedding in Norfolk, back to Brussels, weekend in Vienna, popping back to London urgently for the day, watching very important football matches and the normal hustle & bustle of life.

Very excitingly, last weekend I purchased a bicycle. I have cycled to and from work in the rain (downpours) and sun each day. Its been great fun and thankfully reintroducing some exercise into my Belgian lifestyle. I do feel rather Dutch.

This week, we had a visit from one of my best friends, she cycled from London to Brussels (via the Netherlands) en route to Switzerland – isn’t she phenomenal. It was a good opportunity for her to get some R&R part-way through her journey. Of course, we introduced her to our glutenous lifestyle here in Brussels – how can it be any other way, the food is so good.

We first visited the Wednesday Chatelain market, enjoyed a glass of wine in the only moment of sunshine all week, before dinner at Les Fils à Maman, where I indulged in another one of their delicious burgers – I think they do the best burgers around!

n.b. Other places I’ve enjoyed a good burger in Brussels are: 

  1. Manhattn’s
  2. L’Amour Fou
  3. Marcel

On Thursday, we met after I finished work with James and JC at Cŏcīna. James recently went there for dinner with work and was raving about the food and a great red wine. Hence, he selected the restaurant for that evening. Cŏcīna is a little Italian restaurant situated on Henri Michaux Square – almost like a mini piazza. We sat outside (despite the weather being a little grey and cloudy), enjoyed shared starters, delicious pasta and some dolci too (guzzled down with two bottles of James’ new favourite wine).

We were naturally too busy chatting and enjoying the food for me to stop and ruin the moment by taking pictures. Its a shame because I can’t share with you how delightfully amazing everything was – but what’s in a picture really? Yes, it might look good, but a photo cannot show you how good it tastes and feels. So if your in Brussels, I recommend going and discovering this places with your own senses, the senses that value good food.

Sadly, on Friday morning, I had to say good bye to my friend. I had hoped she might stay longer but she has a very long journey ahead and had to keep going. Although, she did promise that if Northern Ireland (her homeland) play England in the Euros 2016, she will cycle back to watch it with us. A promise I am holding her too.


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