Sprout to be Brussels

“Sprout to be Brussels” is a PR initiative here in Brussels to boost the City’s image after recent tragedies.

Like many major cities, Brussels was attacked earlier this year. It was truly a tragedy, but we cannot let it stop us.

Brussels is a great city. Its not like arriving in Paris, Vienna or Rome where the buildings alone knock you over with their magnificence. Brussels is a City full of gems. You just have to find them. One of my ambitions of this blog is to share with you the wonderful places in this City, the places that make it great. Even doing little things, like eating delicious fresh fish with best friends whilst standing in the freezing cold at Nordzee. 

Recently, little sprouts have been popping up all over the City – following in Vienna‘s footsteps, there have been some changes to the traffic lights…


…and you can spot little sprouts on every corner…


Check out their website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – and if you are in Brussels, get involved and if not, come visit!


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